Providing Value by Applying Integrity

Our success as a company is directly linked to our commitment to operate with integrity every day, in every way, and by every employee in our company. Our company Values and our Code of Conduct are the basis for how we do business. Our Values establish standards of behavior for every employee at every level of our organization. Those Values include:

  • Integrity – First, Last and Always
    Integrity means doing what’s right in every situation. It’s about compliance with the law, fairness and respect in our dealings with each other, meeting our commitments to our customers, and responsible care for the environment and communities we live in.
  • Helping Customers Succeed
    We must continually strive to exceed customer expectations. We must anticipate customer needs, and provide innovative products and services and superior value.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
    Success comes from never being satisfied. We must continually challenge ourselves, be open to new ideas, solve problems, and look for ways to reduce cost and eliminate waste.
  • Olin People
    Employees define Olin’s future. We must respect the diversity of our workforce and treat others as we would want to be treated. We must also take and accept responsibility, and be a role model for others.

The Olin Business Partner Code of Conduct defines the behavior we expect from our distributors, suppliers and business partners when conducting business with us and on our behalf. Our business partners include independent agents, consultants, contractors and all others operating on our behalf.

Read a Letter from our CEO explaining our Values

Important Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about Olin’s Values and/or policies, please reach out to:

Olin Corporate Ethics and Compliance Office

Olin Corporation
190 Carondelet Plaza, Suite 1530
Clayton, MO 63105

The Olin Help Line

The Olin Help-Line is a confidential, 24-hour telephone and Internet reporting service to ask questions, get advice or raise a concern about potential violations of the law or our Code. If you are an Olin employee, please reach out to your supervisor. If you prefer confidential assistance to ask questions and raise concerns, contact us at:

Olin Help Line Number

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